Implant™ Lock Levee

Implant™ Lock Levee
Implant Lock Levee
Transforming to resilient levees that will not collapse

Forming resilient structures with continuous pile walls and maintaining the functionality of levees

Global climate change is causing many large-scale floods in many parts of the world every year. The leading cause of the extensive damage is "levee breakage". Ordinary embankments are simply earth embankments, so they cannot withstand the rising and overflowing waters.

On the other hand, Implant Lock Levee is constructed by installing two rows of steel sheet piles and building a "bulkhead" inside these eath embarkments, making the levee stronger.

In addition, it can be constructed without influencing the surrounding traffic and living environment by simultaneous operations of a press-in machine SILENT PILER and other equipment of GRB System which is for temporary work-free construction.

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