Sozokan (The Museum of Piling Machines)

Sozokan (The Museum of Piling Machines)
This is the only museum of piling machines in the world. Including the first SILENT PILER™ developed by GIKEN, there are various piling machines from around the world exhibited. In addition, the panels and videos explain the evolutionary history of press-in machines and how they differ from other machines in principles.


The Sozokan is the first structure of its kind in the world, employing steel sheet piles as the main structural materials and using confined ground seismic dampers to create a steel spread foundation over soft ground.

In addition, the exterior design has been registered in Japan as an “architectural design”.
[Registration No.: 1744615, 1744616]

Confined Ground Seismic Damper

By enclosing the foundation ground, liquefaction caused by an earthquake and the associated lateral flow of the liquefied ground can be controlled.


certified as Mechanical Engineering Heritage

This machine was born in 1975 to be the first in the world to practise the press-in principle discovered by the company's founder, Akio Kitamura, and it led to the realisation of an environmentally friendly  construction method that eliminates the vibration and noise of piling work, which was said to be the leading cause of construction pollution.

In August 2021, the first SILENT PILER™ KGK-100A was certificated as Mechanical Engineering Heritage by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Kochi-born piling machine "SILENT PILER" recognized as one of Japan's leading machines.


Examples of the exhibited machines