The name RED HILL 1967 is derived from the birthplace of Akio Kitamura, founder of the GIKEN Group and the year of the company's foundation. From the birthplace of the discoverer of the press-in principle, the superiority of the press-in technologies will be communicated to the world.



The RED HILL 1967 was planned as part of a project to promote the superiority of the press-in technologies from Kochi to the rest of the world.

A Kochi-born construction technology "Press-in" is an unprecedented and innovative technology. So there have been times when it was difficult to get people to understand it through words and pictures alone. However, we believe that if visitors see and experience the actual machines, methods and structures, they can understand its superiority intuitively transcending linguistic and cultural barriers. Therefore, we have built this facility with the concept of "Seeing is believing".

Through the experience at “RED HILL 1967”,
we expect visitors worldwide to reflect on what an ideal construction is and ponder the construction industry’s future, which will propel the Construction Revolution forward on a global level.


RED HILL 1967 covers 36,000 square metres of land and is consisted of four areas:
1. Demonstration Area
2. Sozokan (The Museum of Piling Machines)
3. Kochi Factory 3
4. Research Building